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Sales & Marketing

A valuable measure of success is the volume and value of sales that you make.

At Jackroyd Developments, we fully understand that you can only generate profit and cash if you sell the product. If your current sales and marketing strategy does not add significant value to your business, we can help.

Managing Director Neil Jaggar has successfully directed multi-million pound distribution businesses and increased independent trade sales by 20% year on year, as well as leading four major product development plans - increasing sales from 18% to 76%, in businesses under his charge. Whether your dilemma is an existing product, a new product introduction, a margin related issue, entry into a new arena or a declining market, we have the experience, expertise and proven track record of success to help you develop a new strategy.

By closely analysing your current sales strategy, people, processes and techniques, and by measuring how you connect and communicate with your existing customers and target market, we can help you design and implement a sustainable sales and marketing strategy that will lead to increased sales, revenue and ultimately enhance your company’s profitability.

At Jackroyd Developments, we are practical and results-focused. We can work with you and your team within your business at an operational level, if required, to provide strategic direction and implement the plan.

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