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Whether you are selling a business or buying multiply businesses, the old caveat emptor of ‘buyer beware’ most certainly applies.

Due diligence is essential to mitigating risk and is a critical step to test what seems like a good idea. Whether you are buying or selling businesses, limiting the surprises will enable you to maximise your return from either sale or purchase.

Jackroyd Developments helps those wishing to invest to make better deal decisions by undertaking detailed due diligence on your behalf. This will pick up on any risks pre-deal that could compromise contracts or have the potential to result in major losses. We will make sure you ask the right questions to ascertain whether you are indeed getting what you think, and therefore the true value you attach to the purchase.

If you are selling, we can bring a vast amount of industry and functional expertise that will help you to achieve your goal, by putting you in the strongest position possible - even if that means highlighting and therefore minimising the issues that would concern potential buyers.

At Jackroyd Developments, we can support any aspect of commercial and operational due diligence as well as providing transaction support for buyers or investors if needed.

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